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Say Goodbye to Surface Water

Solve your surface water problem once and for all with the help from McKinney Landscaping Corporation. Based near Cortlandt Manor, New York, we install curtain drains and provide surface water control services for homes and businesses.

No More Flooded Basements

Flooding can cause serious damage to your home and possessions. We protect your property from unwanted surface runoff and groundwater by installing  curtain drams/ footing drains/ underground gutter drains.  These features divert water away from your foundation or basement and direct it safely away from the effected areas.

Save a Fortune

Flooded basements are just one problem that water can cause. Uncontrolled surface water can cause many other forms of property damage and render parts of your property useless. Our services prevent costly damage to everything from driveways to lawn areas to playing fields to horse riding rinks, etc.

Restore Your Property's Beauty

You've solved your surface water problem—now restore your property to its former glory! Whether you want basic lawn maintenance or a complete landscape design, McKinney Landscaping Corporation will make your property pristine.