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Welcome to the McKinney Website
This website details the services offered by the McKinney Landscaping Corporation. Every expertise has its own page and every expertise page has its own picture gallery showing completed work. Explore the entire web site or click on the page of interest or visit the specific picture gallery only. We are pleased to have been able to make this website available for your convenience. Thank you for visiting!
en able to make this web site available for your convenience. Thank you for visiting.

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Fireplaces & Patio's


Barbeque Centers


Walkways & Walls


Law Maintenance


Fertilizing & Pest Control


Storm Damage


Property Maintenance




Surface Water Control


Winter Services


Tree Care & Pruning


Mulch &Top Soil Del.

McKinney Landscaping Corporation

20 Morrissey Drive
Putnam Valley, N.Y., 10579
Tel: 845 528-3938
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